Food Grade Coating


Food grade coatings is of great advantage for industries where non-stick property is main criteria. Because of Non-stick properties, chemical powders do not stick to the tray. It is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical industries and Consumer goods like cooking utensils.


Thickness                   : 25 to 100 Microns

Working Temp.          : upto +250 °C


Benefits of Food Grade PTFE Coating:


  1. PTFE food grade coating is an ideal non-stick surface that makes your product a more convenient choice. PTFE coating is very effective and prevents frustrating sticking which is common in cooking products. Some consumers looks specifically for a non-stick PTFE coating, which makes your product even more appealing.
  2. PTFE food grade coating is heat and water resistant. The surface is easy to clean and water does not cause the coating to become saturated. In most cases, the surface can be quickly wiped clean or even rinsed to remove any remaining debris in seconds. PTFE food grade coating can also withstand temperatures of up to 600 °F (or 260 °C). This makes PTFE Coating great choice for cooking utensil and applications.
  3. Chemical resistance is a concern for some food grade products. PTFE coatings are not affected by most chemicals found in its environment. If you are concerned about chemical contact, Food Grade PTFE is an excellent choice.
  4. The properties and capabilities of cooking utensils and products are greatly enhanced with the help of our Food Grade PTFE coating.




Density (g/cm³)


Water Absorption, 24 hrs (%)

< 0.01


Tensile Strength (psi)


Tensile Elongation at Break (%)


Flexural Strength (psi)

No break

Folding Endurance (cycles)

> 106

Flexural Modulus (psi)


Hardness, Shore D


IZOD Notched Impact (ft-lb/in)



Melting Temp (°F / °C)

635 / 335

Max Operating Temp (°F / °C)

500 / 260

Flammability Rating



Dielectric Constant at 1 MHz


Dissipation Factor at 1 MHz

< 0.0002

Arc Resistance (sec)

< 300

Volume Resistivity (ohm-cm)at 50% RH

> 1018


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