Double Check Valve Quick Release Coupling

Double Check Valve Quick Release Coupling

When Plug & Socket are Disconnected

Single Check Valve Quick Release Coupling Disconnected

The valve of the socket and plug is pushed against the valve seat and closed automatically. There is no leakage of the fluid.

When Plug & Socket are Connected

Single Check Valve Quick Release Coupling Connected

The valves of the socket and plug are pushed against each other, the interior of the coupling is opened, and the outside of the plug and there is no leakage to the outside.

This series of Quick Couplers have fast acting puppet valves in both coupler and plug to effectively prevent fluid loss during connection and disconnection.

Available in sizes from 1/8" to 3" in various choice of material and seal to meet the requirements of specific fluids and application Double Check Valve QRC are also available with dust cap and dust plug to prevent any contaminants getting in the system . This series has wide applications in hydraulic lines, vacuum systems, steam, gas and liquid installations.

DOUBLE SHUT OFF QRC series is general purpose double shut off quick coupler capable of containing a wide variety of fluids. Puppet style having with captive puppet seal provides a Guaranteed leak free seal. Available in body size from 1/8 " to 3" with BSP , NPT thread standard.



  • - Both the plug and socket have an inbuilt valve, so there is no leakage of gas, oil, etc. from either the socket or plug ends when disconnected.
  • - They are manufactured by an especially high precision machining process, air tightness is a high 10-4 mmHg / sec.
  • - The attached hoses does not twist.
  • - Designed for use in a wide range of application



  1. Primarily used for transfer of Hydraulic fluid.
  2. It can also be used with water, Sea water, Chemicals, Steam.
  3. In Stationery and mobile industrial applications.


AISI 304, 316, 304L , 316L, Brass, Carbon Steel, MS.


As per ANSI B16.11, 16.9 , B2.1 NPT , etc. End Connections like Screwed ends, Hose Shank, Flanged, Weld-able are available.


1/8" To 3".



  • - Select packing material in accordance with the type and temperature of fluid.
  • - Dust, foreign matter and flaws may cause leakage.

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