Single Check Valve Quick Release Coupling

Single Check Valve Quick Release Coupling

When Plug & Socket are Disconnected

Single Check Valve Quick Release Coupling Disconnected

The socket valve provides an instant seal, automatically shutting off fluid flow to prevent leakage.

When Plug & Socket are Connected

Single Check Valve Quick Release Coupling Connected

The plug and socket engage securely, fully opening valve automatically to assure maximum fluid flow.


Single Check Valve Quick Release Coupling is one of the most popular type of coupler which is used to connect air piping in factories and to connect air tools with hoses etc. Both socket and plug have hose use and screw use advantages. There is also a variety of other types. One check valve is built into the coupling and only plugs do not have check valve. This can be used where one sided flow system is needed and the flow has to be sealed on disconnection.


Single shut off coupling is the most ideal solution for connection disconnection of pneumatic lines. Fast, Positive leak - proof connection is obtained without use of any mechanical is obtained without use of any mechanical tools. Available from 1/8" To 11/2" Size with various choice of maximum performance end connections, precision Engineered to give better service life and maximum performance.


Coupling is performed by simply pressing the plug into socket. The sleeve snaps forward and connection is made. Pushing the sleeve back, disconnects the coupling. And Pressurized air is vented to atmosphere through unvalued plug.


Features :

  • - For pneumatic tool lines.
  • - One-way automatic shut-off valve in the socket.
  • - Ideal for such applications as factory air supply.
  • - Pneumatic tool connections, etc.
  • - Many types for a wide variety of applications.


For fast, positive, leak proof connections. Pneumatic tools, air piping, air pressure equipment, water piping


AISI 304, 316, 304L , 316L, Brass, Carbon Steel, MS.


As per ANSI B16.11, 16.9, B2.1 NPT, etc. End Connections like Screwed ends, Hose Shank, Flanged, Weld-able are available.


1/8" To 3".


Handling Precautions:

  1. Always insure the direction of fluid flow is from the socket side (valve) to the plug side.
  2. When used with jet chisel or other vibrating tools, connect a rubber hose about 30 cm long between the tool and the coupler

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